Lincoln Parkway Consulting

Consulting services for non-profits and social justice oriented organizations around all things data and social science.

What is your foundation?

We believe that people sit at the heart of the most successful efforts that non-profits undertake. But people need a strong foundation to stand on to have a chance of being effective and that is where the structure they work in and the data they work with come in.

Are you looking to improve your program outcomes, but are not sure where to start? We are a one-stop shop for anything in the non-profit world that intersects with databases, structures and social scientific research.

You can find a detailed description of the services we offer here.

Are you looking for consultants of color who work with nonprofits? The people over at TakeTwo Services have put together a directory of consultants of color that can be filtered by type of service and this directory can be found here. We did not create this directory and we are just linking to it to try to amplify it.